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Gary Kyrouac began mushing in 1998 when he met his wife Dona.  Together they began to build their racing kennel of Siberian Huskies.

During his time on the runners Gary competed in numerous sprint races In Colorado and then moved on to mid-distance races.  He has participated in races like Priest Lake and Ashton, Idaho.  Gary retired from active competition in 2008.

Gary lives in Seeley Lake, Montana with his wife and their remaining huskies.   He spends his time caring for the dogs and training to be a chef.

Dr. Leach comes to the Eagle Cap Extreme, for his second time, with many years’ experience working sled dog races in Alaska, Canada, and Russia.  He and his wife Annie currently live in Big Lake, Alaska.  While Dr. Leach lived in Anchorage, he raced in numerous sled dog sprint races.

Dr. Leach has been the Chief Veterinarian for 10 different sled dog races and has been a trail veterinarian on several other races including the Iditarod for 10 years and the Yukon Quest.

Dr Leach owned and operated veterinary clinics in Alaska for 28 years during which time he and his wife also operated a flying veterinary practice, providing veterinary services to outlying villages and communities throughout Alaska.  Dr. Leach is now retired from active daily practice, but still flies and provides services to numerous villages.  As an avocation, Dr. Leach is actively doing fine art painting and teaching painting classes at their Traildoc Studio in Big Lake, Alaska.

Dona’s mushing career started when she went on a sled dog ride in 1989 and, having been bitten by the mushing bug, she soon had two sled dogs and was happily skijoring. It wasn’t long before the skis were replaced with a sled and she and her husband Gary, began building their kennel and participating in competitive racing. Dona has raced many sprint and mid-distance races and since hanging up the runners, she has been a perennial judge of the Eagle Cap Extreme and a judge on the Yukon Quest and several sprint races.

Dona lives in Seeley Lake, Montana with her husband and their retired huskies where she is a jewelry artist and a business coach for artists and small business. Dona is also very involved in Siberian Husky rescue.

Dave started working the Eagle Cap Extreme several years ago working at Checkpoint Ollokot.  He has been working on the trail crew for the last several years.  Dave is currently employed by the United States Forest Service.

Cari was raised in Klamath Falls and has been in the Rogue Valley (except for 4 years in Minnesota) since graduating from Southern Oregon College. For the next 30 years, she was a teacher and a librarian/media specialist in the Eagle Point School District. During their 26 years running sled dogs, she ran many sprint races, a couple of mid-distance races and the Mail Run on the Oregon coast. Also, during most of those years, she was helping her husband,Terry, train for long distance races. She has missed being active in the sport of running sled dogs, but enjoys being connected with it by working races and still being part of the Oregon Dunes Mushersí Mail Run and Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race.