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Sixteen-year-old Jenny Greger was born into the world of dogs since her father is a musher and her mother shows dogs AKC competitions. In summertime, Jenny joins her mother showing her Belgian Tervuren, JB in AKC dogs shows. In winter, she follows in her dad’s footsteps by racing sled dogs.

She started out running her dad's retired dogs in small sprint races. Then began running her dad's distance racing team in sprint races to help build up their speed but never really got totally into it until she got her own dogs. In the winter of 2008 in West Yellowstone, 33 neglected and abandoned sled dogs were starving out in the cold and wind with no shelter. The deep snow stranded snowmobiles, so Greger’s dad took some of his sled dogs and ran the rescue dogs back to the dog trucks. The Gregers fostered and helped take care of the dogs during the trial. Two litters of pups were born during the fostering period. All the dogs were eventually handed over to the owner’s father with the exception of a few, including the puppies the Gregers were allowed to keep.

Usually when training puppies, Jenny and her father run them with veteran dogs, so they learn from the older dogs. However, Jenny’s pups were so fast only a couple of the younger veteran dogs could keep up with them, so she had to do a lot of training in skills normally acquired from just imitating the adults. Jenny says, “Racing with the dogs you've raised, trained, and taken care of is a whole lot better than winning with someone else’s dogs.”

This mushing season is sure to be full of excitement for Jenny and her team of faithful pups! After last season's Jr. Race to the Sky victory (and Best Cared for Team Award) and Rookie of the Year, 5th place finish in the Jr. Iditarod, the team and Jenny are planning on running both the Jr. Race to the Sky and Jr. Iditarod again in addition to the Jr. Beargrease! The Jr. Race to the Sky, in the mountains of Montana, and the Jr. Beargrease, in the Minnesotan hills, are both 100 mile, 8-dog races. The Jr. Iditarod, in Alaska's rugged terrain, is a 160 mile, 10-dog race.

  • Hometown: Bozeman, Montana
  • Hobbies: Sewing, drawing, photography, & music
  • Number of Years Racing:
  • Kennel Name: Anduril Kennels
  • Breed Used: Alaskan Husky
  • Lead Dogs:
  • Sponsors: Petcurean, Anduril Kennels, Double Diamond Vet Hospital (Sue Geske, DVM), The Balancing Act Animal Chiropractic & Acupuncture (Sid Erickson), Jerry Meyers Aviation, Farr Automotive Specialists