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In 1998, while looking for her next dog to train for obedience competition, Jackie visited Karen Ramstead’s Northwapiti Kennels. Karen gave Jackie and Rick each a 6 dog team to run, and Rick was hooked. Their kennel plans started in 1999. Initially, Rick raced the dogs. In 2010 in Elkford, two hours before the first race of the season Rick’s back gave out, and he couldn’t even walk. Their choice was to either go home or have Jackie run the team. She had never run a 12 dog team before except with a quad. She was terrified for the first few miles, but after that she was hooked. After that injury, Jackie took over training the team and became more serious about racing.

She doesn’t have an embarrassing story about mushing yet, but she says she has too many to mention in the obedience ring. Her goals for the future are to find time to keep running dogs and competing in mid-distance races. She says work gets in the way too often, but she loves her job.

Favorite Quote:“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras

  • Hometown: Lacombe, Alberta
  • Occupation: General Manager NFACC
  • Hobbies: K-9 obedience trials
  • Number of Years Racing: 6
  • Kennel Name: Tucoldturain Siberian Huskies
  • Number of Dogs: 21
  • Breed Used: Alaskan Husky
  • Lead Dogs: Diesel, Renegade, Jolt, Isis