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Garrett Warren never imagined he would one day be a musher.  He tells the story in his own words: ! got my first dogs in 2009 after becoming interested in dogs through reading books which referenced sled dogs. After acquiring a few dogs from kennels in the south, my aunt, who lives in Denali & is a neighbor of famed Iditarod champion, Jeff King, introduced me to the Santos of Cantwell Alaska who in 2010 gave me my main leader, Bessie. In 2012 I spent five months working for Jeff Kind in his summer dog tour business during which Bessie & my other female, Zorra, both had pups fathered by two of Jeff’s best males. These litters ,plus one born in Idaho in my absence, form the bulk of Team Warren’s 2014 race teams. I started racing in 2011, and my mother ran her first race in 2012 and has her own competitive distance team now as well.

Winning the 100 mile adult Race to the Sky in 2012 was a highlight of his racing career so far, but even better was winning the Best Cared for Team award at the same event. This award for him is as big or bigger of an accomplishment as winning the race. Another highlight is working for Jeff King! “I never imagined I’d get a job working fithe Iditarod champion who I believe has the best dogs in the sport.”

Warren’s goals are to run & win all of the big races in the south (Race to the Sky, ECX, & Beargrease) during his college years. After College, he intends to move to Alaska & run the Iditarod in 2018. His mom plans to run the Iditarod the same year.

While training for the ECX & RHS in 2012, Garrett ran a 24 mile race at the Darby Dog Derby as a training race. The event also featured a 15 mile sprint. The first day of the race, he ran a single leader instead of his usual double leaders. While one of the 6 dog sprint teams was passing him in the opposite direction, his leader got confused and dove through the other team, so he was on one side of the oncoming team and the rest of the team on the other. He says he was horribly embarrassed and pulled the leader back into place but worried about it the rest of the race. He later apologized to the other musher who was cool about it and won his race even with the delay.

  • Hometown: Council, Idaho
  • Family: Mom & kennel partner, Laurie & Brother, Trevor
  • Age: 21
  • Hobbies: Dogs
  • Number of Years Racing: 4
  • Kennel Name: Team Warren
  • Breeds Used: Alaskan Husky
  • Lead Dogs: Bessie, Rosemary, Zorra, Aztec & Mango
  • Sponsors: Continental Kennel Club