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Dr. Leach comes to the Eagle Cap Extreme, for his second time, with many years’ experience working sled dog races in Alaska, Canada, and Russia.  He and his wife Annie currently live in Big Lake, Alaska.  While Dr. Leach lived in Anchorage, he raced in numerous sled dog sprint races.

Dr. Leach has been the Chief Veterinarian for 10 different sled dog races and has been a trail veterinarian on several other races including the Iditarod for 10 years and the Yukon Quest.

Dr Leach owned and operated veterinary clinics in Alaska for 28 years during which time he and his wife also operated a flying veterinary practice, providing veterinary services to outlying villages and communities throughout Alaska.  Dr. Leach is now retired from active daily practice, but still flies and provides services to numerous villages.  As an avocation, Dr. Leach is actively doing fine art painting and teaching painting classes at their Traildoc Studio in Big Lake, Alaska.