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The West's Only Iditarod And Yukon Quest Qualifier

The Eagle Cap Extreme runs through the rugged Wallowa Mountains in Northeastern Oregon. It has been described as challenging, fun and drop-dead beautiful by participants and fans alike. This all-volunteer race receives high marks for professionalism and for being very well run. We focus on making the mushers experience as safe, comfortable and fun as possible. The mushers and their dogs really love their fans, especially all the school kids that make a special field trip to see the event.

Race Distances:

  • 200 Mile - 12 Dog Race (Iditarod & Yukon Quest Qualifier)
  • 100 Mile - 8 Dog Race
  • 31 Mile, 2-Day, 6 Dog Mid-Distance Pot Race*
  • 20 Mile Junior Race - 6 dogs, 14 to 17 year-old mushers

The event starts with morning Vet Checks on Main Street in Joseph followed by afternoon checks in Enterprise on Wednesday, January 23, 2019. The Vet Checks are a fun way to meet the mushers and interact with the dogs! They are free and open to the public.

The race starts the next day, on Thursday, January 24, 2019, at 12 noon at the Fergi Ski Area, about 9 miles southeast of Joseph. Fans can line up on the side of the starting chute to root for their favorite team!  Race Start Parking is provided nearby, with a shuttle starting at 10:45 or prepare for a 5 to 10 minute walk on a plowed road to get to the Fergi Ski Area. The race start is also free and open to the public.

Another great vantage point is the Salt Creek Summit Sno-Park. The racers start coming through this first checkpoint about an hour after they start. Note: This area requires a sno-park permit.

There's a lot going on in addition to the Vet Checks and Race Start: visit the schedule here.

Come early and witness how excited the dogs get when they do what they love: RACE!

*Pot Race Defined: A race in which the race winnings consist exclusively of that race's entry fees. For this year's ECX "pot" race, that means 50% to first place, 30% to second place; 20% to third place.